Hello, I'm

Yuchen Wang


I am a fourth-year Computer Science student at the University of Toronto. I also study a little statistics and mathematics, because mathematics is the foundation of statistics, and statistics is the foundation of all subjects. I found the area of machine learning very fascinating and essential to the current innovation process of both academic and industry world. You are welcome to contact me and start a conversation if you have a similar interest.


Multiple predictoR Neural ODE (preprint)

In Project X ML research competition 2020, I led the UofT team to develop this new architecture of neural ordinary differential equations which learns the dynamics of time-series with multiple predictors, and demonstrated its effectiveness on infectious disease datasets.

Mars game platform

I developed an open-source Android Game Platform that contains 3 games together with my classmates.

Yuchen UofT Notes

During my undergraduate study at UofT, I typesetted notes for the most of math and statistics courses I have taken.


University of Toronto

Honour's Bachelor of Science

2017 - 2021 (expected)

I am currently enrolled in Computer Science specialist, Statistics major and Mathematics minor programs.

Xi'an Tieyi High School

High School

2014 - 2017

Established in 1929, one of the most famous and the most competitive high schools in Shannxi Province of China.

A little more about me

Alongside my interests in Machine Learning and CS, some of my other interests and hobbies are:

  • Reading scientific articles (I could easily get satisfied when I gain a little more knowledge)
  • Painting & drawing
  • Board games!
  • Having coffee chats with new people