Hello, I'm

Yuchen Wang


I am a passionate software engineer and designer. I graduated from Stanford MS in Computer Science in June 2023. Developing a world-changing AI-powered software is my dream. You are welcome to contact me and start a conversation if you have a similar interest.

CS Admissions Consulting

I offer admissions consulting for prospective students targeting computer science master's programs in North America. My services include timeline & program list planning, statement of purpose (SOP) editing, decision support career mentorship, and more. Over the past few years, I have helped over 20 students get into to top schools such as Stanford and Berkeley. For more details, please email me your CV and self-introduction.



I worked with MBAs from the Graduate School of Business and other engineers to develop an AI-enabled storytelling and visualization platform for kids. We have done idea validation, user studies, and the initial MVP.

Fraud Detection on Bitcoin Transaction Graphs Using Graph Convolutional Networks

An application of Graph Convolutional Network (GCN) to detect fraudulent transactions on dynamic Bitcoin transaction graphs.

US Education System Data Analysis Tool

A set of interactive visualization tools to analyze data surrounding the US Education System.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis under COVID-19

I explored how the U.S. general public responds to breaking news in COVID-19 pandemic with the BERT model.

Mars game platform

I developed an open-source Android Game Platform with my classmates that contains three minigames.

Yuchen UofT Notes

I typesetted notes for the most of math and statistics courses I have taken during my undergrad at UofT. This set of notes has helped many students through their exams.

Design Work

Sugar Showndown

In this fast-paced strategy game, you'll play as one of two opposing teams: the Health E. Elementary School, a champion of healthy eating and good choices, or the SugarCo Company, a big bad corporation that wants to dominate the school food system with sugary snacks and drinks. Download a print and join Sugar Showndown!

Barrier or Bridge?

A fun interactive fiction about a journey of struggle and hope of a young woman, with multiple possible endings! Written with true feelings and compassion, the story resonated with many female college students.

Fable Boardgame

A storytelling game for everyone aged 8+. Two to four players use random Traits, Motivations, Conflicts, and more to craft a story collaboratively. Players gain familiarity with structuring coherent narratives, understand the crucial elements of a story, and increase their creativity and verbal expression skills.

Jappy – the Journaling App that Makes You Happy

My first work as a designer. I participated in designing a gratitude journaling app that helps the users build the habit. We have done three iterations of user research and delivered a clickable prototype.

Auditory Reality

Design work of an accessible tool for people who are blind or vision-impaired. We created a virtual conferencing reality, where the users can effectively separate audio sources to different spatial positions. This work has been acknowledged by Microsoft Research in a proceeding at the ASSETS research conference.


In Project X ML research competition 2020, I led the UofT team to develop this new architecture of neural ordinary differential equations which learns the dynamics of time-series with multiple predictors, and demonstrated its effectiveness on infectious disease datasets.

I presented this work with my teammate on the UofT AI Conference in January 2021. UofT has multiple news articles about our story:

In June 2021, the paper was accepted by the ICML workshop "Climate change AI".


Stanford University

Masters of Science in Computer Science

September 2021 - March 2023

I completed my masters with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. During my time at Stanford, I had the privilege of taking the Startup Garage class for two quarters at the Graduate School of Business (GSB), which equipped me with essential skills for designing and testing new business concepts to meet real-world needs. Additionally, I was a Course Assistant for four out of the five quarters, which helped me cover the vast majority of tuition and living costs for the program and allowed me to share my knowledge and expertise with other students.

University of Toronto

Honour's Bachelor of Science

Septermber 2017 - June 2021

GPA: 3.98/4

I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I was fortunate to conduct research at the prestigious Vector Institute under the mentorship of renowned ML professors Bo Wang and Roger Grosse. In my senior year, one of my research projects utilized neural ODE models to predict plant infectious diseases. This innovative work garnered first place at the global undergraduate ML research competition, Project X.

Xi'an Tieyi High School

High School

Septermber 2014 - June 2017

My high school was established in 1929 and is one of the most famous and competitive high schools in the Shaanxi Province of China. Fun fact: During my grades 10 and 11, I persuaded my teachers to allow me not to do any homework so that I could embark on an important self-exploration journey by studying many interesting subjects outside of the curriculum.

A little more about me

I develop broad interests in many fields along side CS. Some of my other interests and hobbies are:

  • Singing, playing the piano
  • Tennis, badminton
  • Reading scientific articles (I could easily get satisfied when I gain a little more knowledge)
  • Having coffees with interesting people